Production Stills

These are from the first week of production.

The Dunes: Second Day of Production


As you can tell, there’s snow on the dunes. This was the second day of production. There was freezing rain/snow/slush. Some of the craft got soaked. The starbursts were frozen. We stood around shivering and wet. Everyone waited in the cars. Up on the dunes, it was unbearably windy. It took a lot of strength just to stand still.

Yet, the weather couldn’t hDannyave been better for the scene. The snow and the wind heightened the destitution in the dunes.

At the worst point, we thought about wrapping for the day, but the cast and crew trudged through. Everyone recognized that such conditions made for  unmatchable art direction.


Provincetown is so colorful!

This was just one of the many great reasons to shoot in Provincetown. While shooting our scenes as planned, there was an anti-war rally in the center of town, featuring Ellie, a 70-year old man dressed in drag and singing show tunes. We immediately went over and captured his act. Provincetown is so colorful!

Other Production Stills


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