Depeche Mode: Part 1

So about a month ago, I submitted a request to EMI music publishing, who has the rights to Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” because Nate wanted to use Johnny Cash’s cover.

For those of you who don’t know, using a song in the film requires the following:

1) Synchronization License: this is the right to the composition

2) Master Use License: this is the right to use a specific recording of the composition

So for Johnny Cash’s “Personal Jesus,” I first needed the synchronization license from the publisher of Depeche Mode’s–more specifically, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode–“Personal Jesus”, who wrote the song.

The easiest way to find the contact information for such publishers is in ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Producers) database. But “Personal Jesus” wasn’t there.

And thus began the grueling process of finding the publisher

1) Called ASCAP…twice

2) ASCAP referred me to BMG

3) BMG referred me to EMI

4) Lady at EMI referred me to the synchronization department

5) Synchronization Department was an answering machine with instructions on how to apply for a license

I faxed and e-mailed my letter, which consisted of:

-Summary information: Film title, budget, music budget, song name, song writer

-Detailed synopsis, target audience description and description of the song use

All of these absolutely necessary. And don’t lie, because that will only screw you over later on.

A few days ago, this guy Rory from EMI got back to me, after I faxed and e-mailed the letter several more times. Said he’d try.

Martin Gore said “No” apparently.


Probably because Martin Gore read my request while cutting his fingernails and didn’t bother to give it any thought. You have to be in the right kind of mood for these kind of things.

Well, to spare Martin from feeling any regret later on in life, I’ll just have to convince Rory to “try” again, although Nate’s starting to change his mind about using the song.

Sequel to Depeche Mode coming soon…


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