Brian Williams

Like Connie Chung, he won’t be in The Evangelist.

City Burger now carries Pat Lafrieda’s premium Black Label Blend.

In theory, my method of contacting high schools is a pretty good idea, isn’t it? Many of them have broadcasting studios, and high school television isn’t exactly NBC, or Manhattan Public Access for that matter. But no one’s answering the phone.

Bread and Roses Integrated Arts High School said they are now in some kind of test period, until June 27. Isn’t it July 30??

I know all of Europe goes to the beach in August, but I didn’t think Americans knew how to enjoy life too.

Maybe I oughta go to the beach too, for a month. I haven’t been this pale during the summer months since…since…


One Response to Brian Williams

  1. Spring says:

    do you know when the dvd’s will be sent to us?

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