Heroes of the Evangelist: Mike Lane

This week I’d like to highlight the heroic actions of Mike Lane. I met Mike when I was waiting tables at a restaurant called “Henry’s End.” Everyone knows that he is the best customer. He over compensates hilariously obnoxious comments with a generous heart. And I mean generous. He redefines the word. Here are a few examples. Mike inundates every waiter with extra tips. Mike paid the airfare for one waiter to go to see his family in Morocco. And of course Mike gave a hefty donation to our film.  There are too many stories to mention.

Here’s one of the better ones. One time, I met Mike for some dinner at a really great restaurant in New York called Blue Ribbon. I’m telling him about this girl I met and he says “invite her to have dinner with us!” I protest a few times, but he insists and I finally concede. He pays her taxi fare to come immediately. He proceeds to order Rothchild wine, steak, and lobster, gives the waiter his credit card number and then takes off. There I am with a beautiful girl and an extravagant dinner. That’s the kind of guy Mike Lane is. You thought those people only existed in ABC family Christmas specials? Think again. I feel truly blessed to know Mike Lane and he is certainly a hero of our film.


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