A Dialog

At the heart of The Evangelist is a yearning for more communication between the religious and liberal freethinkers. Neither taking sides or making value statements, the film pits the two groups together and illustrates the dangers of intolerance. Danny is a fixture of Provincetown, a very eccentric and countercultural community, while Gideon is a self-serious, fundamentalist. Gideon and Danny are both stubborn and resigned in their ways, acting on their own behalf rather than trying to understand each other.

In a town known for its queer population, it is Gideon’s religious beliefs that deviate from the norm. Everyone refuses to listen to Gideon’s words and instead of becoming more agreeable, Gideon grows increasingly abrasive, antagonizing the whole town. He judges and attacks them rather than sharing good news. Ultimately, his intentions are in the right place. He wants to spread God’s word, because he believes that will lead people to salvation. But his method suggests otherwise. In the same vein, the townspeople’s unwavering refusal to listen to any religious ideas fuels Gideon’s anger, resulting in a standstill of bitter opposition.

More than anything else, our goal is to inspire dialog. We’d like for everyone—religious or not—to reexamine their ideas and just listen to each other. No one is entirely correct but no one is entirely wrong either. Our mission is to have a conversation with as many people as we can about the film. Pay attention to our screenings and if we’re in your town, we would love to meet with you and have a conversation in person. Otherwise, please feel free to e-mail or phone us. We’ll do our best to make ourselves available. We love to talk and we love to listen.

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