Theodore Bouloukos: Danny Ziegfeld

Theodore Bouloukos is a New York-based actor and writer, whose performance work is     divided equally between independent narrative cinema and myriad projects in video, painting and photography, live-performance and tableaux vivants, which have been exhibited at festivals, museums and galleries around the world, including recent shows at the Venice Biennale and Art Basel Miami. Theo has appeared in the Sundance hit, Moonshine and five feature films directed by Todd Verow, including Bulldog in the Whitehouse and Vacationland, both Berlinale favorites. He recently completed two additional independent films, Public Hearing and The Great Destroyer, both of which feature him in leading roles. An alumnus of The Albany Academy and Columbia University, he also wrote Hiding My Candy, published by Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster; and currently writes a column on art, called “Aestheticism” for, administered by Harper Perennial. Theo’s credits and additional information can be found on at and at

Lucas Fox Philips: Gideon Bellamont

Gideon Bellamont is an adult in a twelve-year old’s body. The role required someone highly articulate and able to exude self-serious determination. After weeks of casting, the producers discovered Lucas Fox Philips at a burger joint in Manhattan’s upper west side. With a cherubic appearance and a confident, self-possessed personality, he quickly stood out among the other candidates. Having never acted before, Lucas brings the naturalistic performance that the director finds essential for the role. An astute learner and a mature professional, Lucas quickly adjusted to the long and often difficult days on set. The experience inspired him to continue acting and he is currently signed with Innovative Artists Agency in New York.

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