Q & A after Greenpoint Screening

Here are videos from a great discussion we had with some of the people who attended our screening at The Cee Flat in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Discussion on Character Identification

On Gideon’s Religion

On Danny’s Sexuality (The lighting was off in this one, but against my better judgment, I am sharing it for the sake of the great comments that are very audible)

Nate’s personal experience with the gay community

The audience loved the cinematography


Screening in Greenpoint: June 19, 2010

Nate in Cape Cod

Check out this Video of Nate answering some questions at our private Cape Cod screening. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a good camera to record it, so we got it off someone’s camera phone. But, that’s okay. The audio is the important part anyway!

Teaser Clips: Danny

This clip features Danny shortly after meeting Gideon. He is speaking with his best friend Julian and trying to wrap up the conversation, but his phone keeps dying and Julian keeps blabbering on. All he wants is some closure!

Scene Featuring Gideon

Gideon evangelizing at a restaurant

Introducing Lucas Fox Philips as Gideon!

All Access Cape Cod

Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from the set (the first 15 or so seconds are without sound)