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Why Donate?

Because our friends and grandmothers liked the film so much that they feel the whole world should see it. God agrees. And so do we.

Making a film is the easiest it has ever been. Distributing a film is the hardest it has ever been. In order to successfully market and distribute THE EVANGELIST, we need to raise additional funding.

THE EVANGELIST is a great film that will develop a cult following one way or the other. We can screen the film at festivals and then let it sit on a shelf for many years–let’s say 20–until, by chance, someone like Thurston Moore stumbles upon it and, feeling old and inspired, decides to personally pay to distribute the film. Film Forum will go nuts. Fast forward a few more years, film professors will show THE EVANGELIST and it will be in textbooks right there alongside the films of Lars Von Trier and Harmony Korine.

But why wait that long?

Spare some bucks and we can distribute the film now. That’s a promise. Otherwise, we completely wasted the past year and a half (and the half an hour it’s taken to write all of this).

All donors will receive a letter of thanks, invitation to screenings and e-mail updates

Donation Levels


  • Letter of Thanks
  • Invitation to screenings
  • E-mail updates


  • Official poster
  • Thanks credit on website
  • All of the above


  • Thanks credit in the film
  • All of the above


  • Special thanks credit
  • Invitation to special screenings
  • All of the above


  • Invitation to all events associated with the film
  • All of the above


  • VIP Treatment at all events associated with the film
  • All of the above


  • Associate Producer Credit
  • Invitation to join producers at special industry events, including red carpet (when allowable)
  • All of the above


  • Invitation to join producers onstage at screenings and press conferences (when allowable)
  • Invitation to join producers in any press photography
  • Our kidneys if you need it*
  • All of the above

*Please don’t damage your kidneys

Personal Donation Information

Donate online through paypal (see above button)

Please make checks payable to INTERDEPENDENT FILMS

Send checks to:

Interdependent Films                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          93 Avenue B #4R                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                New York, NY 10009

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Jiang at 847.502.2258 or

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