Web Premiere


Starting July 6, 2010, The Evangelist will be available for viewing  on the main page of http://www.evangelistmovie.com and OpenFilm.com

But not all at once.

We will be releasing the film in 10 segments. Each segment will be shown for 1 week then archived for 1 additional week while the subsequent segment is released. Because the beginning of the film is important, we will keep it on for 2 weeks.

For those of you who like examples, here’s what a typical 2 week period will look like:

DATES: hr:min:sec-hr:min:sec (of the film)

July 20-27: 00:08:30-00:15:45   (00:00:00-00:08:30 will be archived for 1 week)

July 27-August 02: 00:15:45-00:23:23 (00:08:30-00:15:45 will be archived for 1 week)

Think of it like watching your favorite television shows, only with shorter episodes, more coherence and more suspense (trust us, we’ll have the most annoying cliffhangers ever!)

Why are we doing this?

We know, we know. This isn’t how movies should be watched, but here are a few reasons:

1) Who says we can’t watch movies this way?

Don’t get me wrong. I love watching movies all the way through, even if they are 8 hour long movies by Bela Tarr. But the reality is, people have ever decreasing attention spans. So instead of occupying an hour and a half of your physical time, we’ll occupy 8 minutes and keep The Evangelist in your minds for 10 weeks.

2) We are still old-fashioned and would like to show the entire film in a theatrical setting.

We will still show the film in a theatrical setting, but this is as far as we’ll go for online viewing, at least for now. Because of Film Festival schedules, we won’t be able to show the entire film until the fall. But many have eagerly expressed a desire to watch the film, so this is our way of showing the film without violating our premiere status.

3) We like options

Most of us don’t have the time or money to see every film in a theatrical venue. Trailers and critical reviews are often not convincing enough. This 10-week period also acts as a trial run. Maybe you’ll like the first few segments and decide it’s worth watching in a theater or renting on Netflix. Or maybe you like it but don’t want to spend money or a full hour and a half watching it and the segmented version will be enough. Your choice. And choices are wonderful.

4) Walking in to the middle of a movie is never any fun

I’m going to be a bit transparent here. Imagine a few people decide to check out the film on week 5 when the first few segments are no longer available. They like the clip but feel disoriented and want to watch it from the start. What can they do? Well, they can purchase a DVD, come to a theatrical screening in the fall or wait for the film to be available on online VOD (hint: these distribution outlets can help us make money).  Or, of course, they might decide that they don’t need the first few segments and finish the movie from the middle. I personally can’t do that. But hurray for choices!

OpenFilm: This is a site that James Caan started along with Robert Duvall, Scott Caan and Mark Rydell. They are going to promote the installments and display it on their front page. So you can watch The Evangelist on Openfilm.com or at http://www.evangelistmovie.com, whichever you prefer. Again, choices are wonderful!

What else is there to say? JOIN US FOR THE MOST UNORTHODOX FILM PREMIERE EVER: July 6, 2010

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